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The Process

The Conveyancing Process

for selling your property

Did you know that your property can not be put to market by a Real Estate Agent until a Contract for Sale is prepared and the Real Estate Agent has a copy of the contract?

To enable this we firstly need to obtain certain information about the property such as the address and any inclusions & exclusions. We also need details of any building work done on the property that may require Home Owners Warranty Insurance together with a survey and a building certificate if you have one.

At Oasis Property Conveyancing we have a detailed Vendor Instruction Sheet that all new clients need to complete and return to us so that we can prepare a Contract for Sale in the most efficient way.

Contract Prep

  • Take instructions
  • Prepare Contract for Sale with all prescribed documents attached

Negotiation of Contract

  • Liaise with you on any request for amendments to the contract
  • Cooling off period if applicable

Exchange of Contract

  • Ensure all terms agreed to in both original and counterpart contract
  • Have you signed the contract
  • Arranged for the deposit to be invested

Post Exchange

  • Arrange for discharge of mortgage if applicable
  • Respond to requisitions on title
  • Have you sign the transfer
  • Arrange settlement figures and have them agreed to by all
  • Book settlement with the bank and purchaser’s conveyancer or solicitor
  • Attend to any payment of Land Tax if applicable

Settlement and afterwards

  • Attend settlement and hand over all required documents
  • Arrange for the deposit money to be released to you
  • Provide you with all documentation of the transaction for you to keep for your records
  • Your records are obtained by us for 7 years after settlement of your property

The Conveyancing Process

when purchasing your property

Once you have found your new home it is important to ensure that you have a licensed conveyancer looking after all your property legal’s to ensure that your transaction is treated in a timely manner to give you the best possible chance of securing your dream property or investment. At Oasis Property Conveyancing you will be provided with service that you will remember for many years to come.


  • Take instructions
  • Review contract for sale
  • Order pest, building, and Strata Reports as required
  • Request amendments to the contract
  • Liase with your lender to ensure that you have loan approval
  • Advise you on the contract
  • Advice Stamp Duty liability
  • Advice on Government Grants such as the New Home Grant Scheme


  • Ensure Contract has been agreed to
  • Have you signed the contract
  • Make an appointment with the vendor’s solicitor/conveyancer to exchange contracts where both contracts are identical, signed and dated the date of exchange

Post Exchange

  • Order all goverment enquiries
  • Assist you in ensuring that you have meet your lender requirements
  • Liaise with your lender to ensure that finance will be available for settlement.
  • Prepare settlement figures and book in settlement with your lender and the vendor’s solicitor/Conveyancer
  • Prepare the Transfer and arrange for the Transfer and contract to be stamped
  • Provide you with settlement statement and cheque details for settlement.

Settlement and afterwards

  • Attend settlement
  • Attend to any registration of title
  • Contact the agent to inform that settlement has taken place and that they can release the keys to you
  • Advice the relevant authorities of your purchase
  • Forward to you final copies of documents for your records.