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Premium Property Conveyancing

In a nutshell

We know property transactions are stressful and expensive. We know that you want your property legal’s performed efficiently. In a language you understand and at a transparent and affordable fee. We are specialists in the property transactions, for legal’s performed on:

  • Selling and purchasing your home
  • Transferring of property
  • Refinancing your mortgage

Why use a conveyancer?

Conveyancers are qualified legal practitioners for property transactions. We do not have the distraction of having to perform litigation work, probate – or any other form of law that makes us less efficient on your property transactions. Property Conveyancing – It is ALL we do!

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Investor Special

Investor Special

Buyers Agents Industry

Buyers Agents Industry

Why Oasis Property Conveyancing?

Our office has evolved from one of Sydney’s busiest Real Estate offices, with finance, Buyers Agents and conveyancing being part of our service offering. Over time, we believe that this has taught us to be one of Sydney’s most efficient conveyancers. So:

If you are the Buyer
If you are a seller

We know how important it is that you execute ALL of your diligence quickly and efficiently, and liaise with your lenders and others partners in the transaction. We know that in the Sydney market, you need to be efficient, otherwise you may lose the opportunity to purchase the property. Would you risk your purchase to someone who may not be focused on your transaction? At Oasis Property Conveyancing – we are – and property is all we do.

We know you want your contract to be delivered quickly to the agent. Our policy of 3 business days to have this provided means the agent can start marketing as soon as possible. We have seen other parties take up to 3 weeks to provide a contract. Imagine missing out on the good market timing (and getting the best price for your home) just because someone did not prioritise YOUR sale contract. At Oasis Property Conveyancing – this won’t happen – while a 5 day turnaround is regarded as ‘best industry practice’ – our policy is to get this done within 3 days – exceeding industry standards.

When you do finally get that ‘offer’ you have been waiting for – we know how important it is that we focus on your file. This is our priority. We know that you want this to transact, and time is of the essence.


We are fully licensed and insured and recognised by the Government. Any staff working on your file WILL BE a licensed conveyancer, nothing less. Make sure your work is being performed by qualified professionals.